20 - 22 May, 2019
Berlin, Germany

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2018 World Class Content

Five Lessons From the Frontlines of Industry 4.0 - Boston Consulting Group

Industry 4.0 is reshaping manufacturing!Find out how to focus on utilising the most valuable technologies and pursue a bold vision with your supply chain by looking at the main five lessons learnt from the frontline of Industry 4.0. 

Does your Supply Chain Need a Blockchain? - Boston Consulting Group

Does your Supply Chain need a Block Chain?Blockchains are poised for a rapid growth because they offer solutions to growing complexities within the supply chain industry with transparency, speed and agility. Download this article to find out whether Blockchain technology is suitable for your supply chain.

Get Ready for Industrialised Additive Manufacturing - Boston Consulting Group

Get ready for Industrialised Additive Manufacturing!Additive Manufacturing is on the verge of being widely adopted for industrial manufacturing and its market could triple in size by 2021. But first, stakeholders need to differentiate their strategies to ensure that Industrialised AM will become a reality.

The New Digital Reality for Restaurants - Boston Consulting Group

What is the new Digital Reality for Restaurants? Restaurants that develop a digital game plan - and put the necessary investment behind it - open a big lead over their competition. Brands that fall too far behind will lose touch with consumers.