20 - 22 May, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Supply Chain Industry Week Event Brochure

Your Path To End-To-End Intelligent Supply Chains: Efficiency, Visibility & Agility

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Achieving the most from your Retail Supply Chain

We spoke to Jørgen Skaarup, the former Vice President of Supply Chain and Distribution at Tulip Food Company to see what foundational steps supply chain professionals should take to ensure their retail supply chains are on the path to excellence.

Digitally Transforming your Discrete Manufacturing Supply Chain

With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain, Michael Berger, a former senior employee of companies including Schaeffler and Bayer AG, shares his experience of digitally transforming discrete supply chain. Discover the results of Michael’s transformation of a global manufacturing supply chain as well as the challenges and...

The Top Movement in Supply Chain for 2019

With the supply chain industry continually expanding and developing, we spoke with two industry experts about what supply chain professionals should focus their time on as we start off the new year. From digitalisation and B2B supply chain transformation to managing customer demands and supply chain disruptions, discover the four...

Supply Chain Industry Week Sample Attendee List

Take a look at some of the financial services institutions attending Supply Chain Industry Week 2019 in Berlin this May

Supply Chain Industry Benchmarking Report 2019

The Supply Chain Industry Report provides you with the exclusive information you need to gain an understanding of the wider industry as well as the ability to see how your peers are currently tackling the challenges of the industry.Throughout this report you will discover:The main priorities for the industry for...

Global State of Supply Chain Excellence

More than ever before, the Supply Chain Industry and the optimization of all its complexities has become a vital aspect of business and is now essential in creating a successful organization.  With this infographic, learn how you can benchmark the state of your supply chain through an access to current...

Industry Specific

Retail and FMCG Snapshot Agenda

The dedicated Retail & FMCG Hall will showcase how leading companies are taking the leap in digital transformation and building their future-looking supply chain with true customer centricity in mind. Follow this link to view the unmissable top sessions specifically for Retail and FMCG professionals.

Discrete Manufacturing Snapshot Agenda

The Discrete Manufacturing Hall will provide insights into real business cases on how companies are leveraging automatic material handing, inventory planning, advanced track-and-trace systems in combination with more accurate sales & operations planning to help improving their supply chain visibility and operations margins.Follow this link to view the unmissable top...

Process Manufacturing Snapshot Agenda

The Process Manufacturing Hall will feature case studies from leading process manufacturing and chemical companies on how they are tackling the key challenges faced today.Follow this link to view the unmissable top sessions specifically for Process Manufacturing professionals.